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Blaby Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

Blaby Neighbourhood Plan

Your Neighbourhood Plan is entering its final stages before hopefully it becomes law towards the end of the year.

We are currently at the stage of the plan being examined by our appointed examiner. This will either take the form of examination of all evidence and documentation or it could be an examination in public. If the latter happens Blaby residents will be able to come to the public meeting to listen and offer support. Obviously if this were to be the case we would put the details on the website and on our notice boards.

Assuming the plan emerges relatively unscathed from the examination, the final stage is a referendum of Blaby residents who are registered to vote. This requires a majority in favour for the Plan to become a legal document. We hope that as many Blaby residents as possible will show support for your very own Planning Policy document by voting in favour at that referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan is your way of ensuring we have greater control over development in Blaby Parish, which could be increasingly important.

Latest Update

BNPE3 Blaby Town Centre Masterplan (2007).

The full version of the Blaby Town Centre Masterplan can be viewed at the Parish Office.