Car Park Strategy 2022 - 2027


Blaby Parish Council strongly oppose the proposal to take over the ownership of the car parks based in Blaby Centre. The Parish Council recognise the car parks are at the heart of the Parish assisting residents, business, and local amenities all which play a very important part in the community and are detrimental to the continued existence of the Village.  As stated by Blaby District Council the existing income generated from the car parks do not cover the operation costs, never mind the maintenance, and upkeep costs. If the Parish Council were to take over the running of the car parks, they would be taking on the existing debt and punishing local business and residents knowing in advance there will be a need to increase the parking charge fees to cover on going costs, maintenance, and the need to employ a 3rd party company to oversee the car parks.

As more electric cars are encouraged on our roads and most cars in future will be electric, charging stations will be a necessity creating additional costs not only for the installation and maintenance and for the cost of the electricity used.

Any changes made to how the car parks are presently managed may outweigh the need to visit Blaby Village, this may also encourage more on street parking to avoid the increased parking charges.

There is no guaranteed income from managing car parks as a result, any shortfall would be expected to be covered by taxpayers, the businesses based in Blaby and from the Parish Councils funds