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Parish Manager: Mrs Vicki Jepson
Blaby Civic Centre, 22-24
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Tree Planting - We Need Your Help!

Tree Planting - We Need Your Help!

Blaby Parish Council has been extremely lucky to secure the delivery of 420 tree saplings from The Woodland Trust!

The tree saplings will be delivered between 2nd - 20th November.

We would love for YOU to tell us where within the Parish you'd like to see some new trees planted?

Is there an area that you think would benefit from some saplings? Maybe somewhere that could do with a little more greenery? Whatever you think, we would love to know!

Please send any suggestions and thoughts to: or call 0116 2784728

P.s - We may need some volunteers to help plant them too! :)

Posted: Fri, 02 Oct 2020 10:46 by Lauren Withers

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