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Work Experience Opportunity with Finding Fitness Ltd

Work Experience Opportunity with Finding Fitness Ltd

Finding Fitness are delivering sports holiday clubs to 5-12 year olds in Blaby this year. The dates of our clubs are 1st June - 4th June, 26th July - 30th July and 9th August - 13th August.

We're offering a Work Experience Opportunity to young people aged 15 - 17 years old who have a passion for sport and are potentially thinking about a career in sport / sports coaching.

Anyone interested will be working alongside two qualified sports coaches, assisting with the delivery of a wide variety of sports to young children.

Benefits are;

- great experience to see whether sports coaching might be for you.

  • can be put on CV as Work Experience.
  • can be used as a reference when applying for jobs in the future.
  • can lead to paid work with Finding Fitness in the future.

Anyone interested should email Amy on , with a brief paragraph about they're interested in taking on the role, what sports they play and are interested in and what dates they would like to do the Work Experience.

Please note this is an unpaid role.

Posted: Tue, 25 May 2021 12:09 by Vicki Jepson

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